The World Hobbit Project in Finland in Finncon

Come summer, come Finncon – and this time also Hobbit panels! The traditional Finnish science fiction and fantasy convention that has been held since 1986 will take place at Tampere on the 1–3 of July, 2016. The World Hobbit Project in Finland – Uses of Fantasy will be presenting two panels at Finncon, both open for public.

The first panel, entitled simply “The Hobbit panel”, will take place in Finncon’s academic track, which is this year called “Fantastic Visions from Faerie to Dystopia”. In the panel the researchers from our project, Irma Hirsjärvi, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, Jyrki Korpua, Maria Ruotsalainen and Tanja Välisalo, will present the audience with some of the preliminary results of our project. The panel is scheduled on Sunday 12.30–14.00 and it is held in English.

In addition, our project will hold another panel in Finncon’s not-so-academic programme. This panel is held in Finnish and is called “Kuumat kääpiöt ja turha Tauriel” (engl. “Hot Dwarves and Useless Tauriel”). Like the English panel, this one also presents some of the results of our project so far. The time and date for the Finnish panel will be released soon, so be sure to keep an eye on Finncon’s web pages.

See you all in Finncon!

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