The Hobbit Project at Finncon

Most of our research team spent the last weekend before summer holidays at Finncon, Finland’s longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention, like we promised back in May. We want to extend our thanks to all who showed interest in our presentations, the one in the academic track and the one in the general track, and engaged in discussion with us.


Panelists (from the left): Irma Hirsjärvi, Jyrki Korpua, Tanja Välisalo and Aino-Kaisa Koistinen.
Photo: Minna Siikilä

More insights on Finncon can be found for example in our colleague Essi Varis’ blog. To offer a glimpse of our discussions at Finncon and our current work, we published some of our presentation materials. Take a look and remember  – there is a massive amount of data to go through, so if you find yourself interested in participating, please feel free to contact us at hobbitprojectfinland[a]

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