Uses of Fantasy in Changing Media Landscape

(Download abstracts from here in pdf.format)

Keynote Liisa Rantalaiho: Using Fantasy

Keynote Martin Barker: On being disappointed with The Hobbit: indications of the changing significance of fantasy

Session I: Game of Thrones: Adaptations and Audiences

 Anna-Leena Harinen: What Kind of an Adaptation Is Game of Thrones?  

Susanne Ylönen & Heidi Kosonen: Between Mourning and Ridicule: Memes Reacting to the Death of the Game of Thrones Character Hodor

Session II: Discourses of Speculative Fiction

 Jani Ylönen: Parents and Prospects of Gene Manipulation: Discourses of Reproductive Technology in Science Fiction

Marjut Puhakka: Zombilution and the Carnevalisation of Death

Emilia Karjula: ‘To Anthropologise Fantasy’. Interplays of Research and Fictional Folklore

Session III: Creating Fantasy

Katriina Heljakka: Creative and collective fantasies of adult toy players: Character-development in socially shared object play

Catalina Jaramillo: Zoomania in the narco world

 Session IV: Intertextual and Transmedial Fantasy

Jyrki Korpua & Maria Ruotsalainen: Experiencing the sacred. The Hobbit and The holy book

Tanja Välisalo: A common hobbit and a real dragon: Audience reception of the transmedial characters of Bilbo and Smaug in The Hobbit films

Minna Siikilä: ‘Eragon – Plagiarism Made Popular’. How fans of fantasy authors discuss intertextuality?

Keynote Susana Tosca: Fantasy transmediations: the art of making it real

 Session V: Transmedial Uses of Fantasy

Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, Essi Varis & Tanja Välisalo: “Characters Caught between Adaptation and Transmedia: The Case of Jessica Jones”

Elisa Wiik: “Baby-eating aliens might actually ruin the game – Game-centric transmedia audience experiences”

Laura Antola: “Fantasy and social commentary in the film adaptation of Days of Future Past”

 Session VI: Metatextuality and Intertextuality in Comics

 Oskari Rantala: The Meta-Fantastic Levels of Narrative in Alan Moore’s Supreme: The Meta-Comic and the Meta-Superhero

Katja Kontturi: Overlap of Fantasy and Metalepsis in Disney comic